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The Ministry Of Commerce Responded To The US Tax On 200 Billion US Dollars Exported To The United States: It Will Take Necessary Actions Against The US Action
- Sep 10, 2018 -

At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce held on the afternoon of September 6, some media pointed out that the United States had to pay a public opinion on the taxation of 200 billion US dollars of goods exported to the United States, although more than 90% of the participants disagreed, but The news said that Trump sought to continue to promote tariff measures against China after the end of the public comment period, and the Ministry of Commerce spokesperson gave a clear response.

Gao said: For some time, the US has seriously violated the WTO rules and continuously introduced unilateral measures to continuously escalate Sino-US trade frictions, which not only harmed the interests of Chinese and American companies and consumers, but also damaged the global industrial chain and value chain. Safety.

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Peak: If the US side disregards the opposition of most enterprises in the solicitation of opinions, and willingly take any new tariff measures against China, China will have to make necessary counter-measures. At the same time, China reiterated that any pressure exertion measures are unreasonable and ineffective for China. The trade war can't solve any problems. Only equality and honest dialogue and consultation are the right choice to solve Sino-US trade frictions.

Gao said that after the US announced that it intends to impose tariffs on China's 200 billion US dollars in imported goods, China has announced on August 3 a counter-measure against the import of about 60 billion US dollars of goods imported from the United States. The list of commodities has been announced.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng: China will take necessary counter-measures in accordance with the US actions. At the same time, China will pay close attention to the various effects of the increase in tariffs and take effective measures to help Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises operating in China overcome difficulties. China has the confidence, ability and means to maintain the steady and healthy development of the Chinese economy.

At the press conference, there was a question from the media about whether China and the United States will continue consultations in the near future, and whether there is a time and place to determine the question. The peak also gave a response.

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson peak: As far as I know, after the deputy ministerial consultations between the two sides on economic and trade issues in Washington on August 22-24, the working layers of the two sides continued to maintain contact and communication, and they were concerned about each other. Exchange of opinions and work to resolve Sino-US economic and trade issues.