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Steel Mills Are Rising! The Billet Is Approaching 4,000, And The Steel Price Is About To Rise Above 4,700! What Is The Steel Price In November?
- Oct 24, 2018 -

On October 21, Shagang prices increased! On the 22nd, steel billets and several steel mills jointly raised the price adjustment.

Respected by Shagang and other price increases, yesterday's rebar futures opened at 1901, and the intraday volatility rose to a maximum of 4187. Although there was a correction in the afternoon, it still recorded a gain of 1.49% (+61), closing at 4154 points. In addition, iron ore rose 1.74%, and the hot coil rose 0.91%. Tangshan Pufang billet rose 20 yuan, the mainstream ex-factory price reported 3970 yuan /

The spot market sentiment was once again ignited, and on the 22nd most merchants increased their prices. Fuzhou thread rose 110 yuan, Jinan, Nanchang, Changsha rose 60-70 yuan, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang rose 40-50 yuan, the rest basically rose 10-30 yuan. At this point, the average price of the three major snails in key cities nationwide has moved up to 4,669 yuan / ton, Kunming Kunming Steel in high-priced areas quoted as high as 4,980 yuan, and Hefei Ma Steel, Fuzhou Sangang and Guangzhou Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. offer 4,930-4,950 yuan.

Here, Xiaobian compiled information on the price adjustments of some big steel mills in China in November, including the price adjustments of November, Anshan Iron and Steel, Beitai, Shougang, Benxi Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Baosteel and Angang, for your reference.

November price adjustment information of major steel mills

Shagang rose 50! !

On the basis of the price in mid-October, Shagang introduced some product price policies in late October 2018:

1, the high line rose 50: Ф 6.5mmHPB300 ordinary carbon high line ex-factory price is 4810 yuan / ton.

2, Pan snail rose 50: Ф 8-10mmHRB400 snail factory price 4880 yuan / ton, Ф 6mmHRB400 snail price increase 300 yuan / ton, anti-vibration plate screw price increase 30 yuan / ton.

3, thread up 50: HRB400 Ф 16-25mm thread ex-factory price is 4730 yuan / ton, Φ10mm price increase 160 yuan / ton, Φ12mm price increase 100 yuan / ton, Φ14mm price increase 30 yuan / ton, Φ28-32mm specification price increase 60 yuan / ton, Φ36 Φ40mm specification price increase of 250 yuan / ton, seismic reinforcement price increase of 30 yuan / ton.

4. HRB500 and HRB500E increase the price by 450 yuan and 480 yuan/ton on the basis of the same specification HRB400.

5. The interest subsidy policy remains unchanged.

The above prices are all tax-inclusive and will be implemented from October 21, 2018.