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Use of combined screws
- May 09, 2017 -

Steel structure with high strength large hexagonal head bolt combination screws, mainly used in railway and road bridges, boiler steel structure, industrial plant, high-rise civil buildings, mast structure, lifting machinery and steel structure need to use friction-type high-strength bolt combination screws occasions. It is characterized by a bolt, also known as the end of the bolt, more than a 12-angle body. When installing, a special electric wrench is required, and it has two sleeve heads and a sets on the nut hexagonal body and the other 20-angle body of the outer hexagonal screw. When tightening, the nut to impose a clockwise force distance, the bolt 12 angle of the body of equal to the size of the counterclockwise force distance, so that the end of the hexagon screws and 12 angle between the neck of the connection between the twisted shear, to the neck shear, installation began to end. This twist-shear type of high strength external hexagonal screws for a times use of the screw, after installation generally cannot be dismantled.